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We're back after 5 years!
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We're back after 5 months!
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10/1/06 - New Carbon Fiber Hood installed

So, I have never been totally happy with the original CF hood I installed. I had asked for a black/red CF weave and ended up with black/black and a pearl coat. The edges weren't rolled and the finish was a little messed up. So, anyways, I ordered a new hood. This one came from Deft Racing

I will work on getting a write-up. In the meantime, the pictures are located here.

6/23/06 - Has it really been .. 5 years?

Well that's hard to believe. Time sure flies when youre just getting by. Over the last 5 years all sorts of things have come and gone. I got married, paid off the car, bought a house and changed jobs. One thing that hasnt changed is the car. ProjectGSX, while the 'Project' part is certainly in hibernation, is alive and kicking. In fact, the car has still yet to break down on me. The odometer is about to hit 115k miles and it still runs great. Of course, like any car with over 100k miles, it has its own issues.

The hood pins are rusted, the steering wheel and shift knob are cracked and flaking, the clutch master cylinder dumped way too much clutch fluid onto the carpet, the headlights are yellowed, the front bumper is missing quite a bit of paint and there is a bit of oil coming out of the tailpipe. I think its a turbo seal. I would guess 70k miles of 20psi did a number on the Big 28. Not surprising, I was pretty sure that I was running it too hard for daily driving but, what the hell, it was fun.

So, what got me working on the car again? I hate to admit it, but here it is.. Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Yep. There is nothing like seeing a bunch of utterly perfect cars to remind you how busted yours has gotten over the years. And, if you haven't seen it, go. It's actually very good. Much, much better than the second film in the series. Sung Kang is awesome as the character Han and the chick that plays Neela, Nathalie Kelley is ridiculously hot. Since it's not about drag racing, the race scenes are infinitely more interesting as well. Good stuff.

So, what's on the agenda? The first order of business is to get the car back into reasonable shape. I paid someone to fix the master cylinder for me, as there is no way I'm digging around under the dash to fix that damn thing. The carpet is trashed, but I can't afford to take care of that just yet so I went with the next best thing - new floor mats. I ordered some black Ralliart floor mats from Ebay. Pretty good quality stuff and very reasonable priced. I pulled the ratty stock shift knob and replaced it with a "black chrome" counter-weight shift knob from GReddy. It looks pretty sweet and I enjoy the added weight. Feels solid. Nice.

The rusted hood pins are in process as well. Seriously, who the hell sells hood pins that can rust? How stupid is that? Even dedicated race cars are going to get wet occasionally. Just doesn't make sense. So, I found some cheap stainless steel replacements from, but it ends up they arent the same diameter. Back to the drawing board on that one. The rust bled off onto the hood and left some nasty stains. I bought some CLR remover from the grocery store and went to work on the hood. Good news is, the rust comes off. Bad news is, you have to scrub the living hell out of it.

For the yellow headlights, I ordered a plastic refinishing kit (designed for headlights) from Janvil. I will report back once it arrives with some before and after pictures. If this doesnt work I will look into aftermarket headlights. I like the black projectors, but they are either pricey or cheap depending on where you get them. For now, I am trying to focus on low cost fixes that will get the most impact.

Another cheap fixup for the car was taking the center console apart. There was plenty of dust/dirt build-up around the bottom of the shift-boot and some residue from a spilled milkshake in various nooks and cranies. An hour of work got it cleaned up nicely.

So that's it for now. I will get some pictures up of the new stuff. Here is the cost break-down of the recent upgrades and repairs:

Hood pins and scuff plates (which ended up being too small): $9 Shipped
GReddy shift knob: $40 Shipped
Ralliart floor mats: $40 Shipped
Headlight Refinishing kit: $19 Shipped